an ongoing introductory workshop to playing traditional folk music

For musicians coming from classical backgrounds and beyond starting in June 2020


Lily & McKinley, both graduates of the Classical department at New England Conservatory in Boston, have been performing together since 2016 when they formed “Night Tree”, a folk band that led them all over the US and to Sweden. They currently play in a duo, and have performed as CPP Fellows through NEC and the Boston Celtic Music Festival. They share a love of classical and folk music, and a mutual goal of continuing to bridge the gap between classical and folk music.


Violinist and fiddler Lily Honigberg is a graduate from the New England Conservatory, most recently graduating with a Master’s degree in Contemporary Improvisation in May 2020. She has performed around the world with her band Night Tree and is an active classical musician, appearing regularly with her father, Steven Honigberg of the National Symphony. She holds a current “online studio” of about 14 students, teaching all kinds of music weekly.


McKinley James is a cellist who has studied classical and traditional music from a young age and attended New England Conservatory and McGill University. She has toured internationally with both classical chamber groups and bands. She has taught at camps, programs, and workshops around the world including Fiddle Hell, Musiconnects, and Maine Fiddle Camp. She has toured China with her piano trio and to Europe with orchestras.